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How to enable microphone/webcam?

Hey all. My friend's company just started a massive work-from-home program. They use LogMeInPro to log in to their work computers from home, and it's working well so far.


The biggest issue they've had is that LogMeInPro doesn't seem to natively recognize their webcams/microphones. So instead of using MS Teams via their remote desktops, their temporary workaround has been downloading MS Teams on their home PC. But this is inconvenient.


I don't use LogMeInPro personally, but I am trying to help.


My thought is that there must be a way to "enable" a webcam/microphone within LogMeInPro. Does anyone know how to do that?


Thank you!

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Re: How to enable microphone/webcam?

Hi Canis39, 


I also have the same issue/question for the microphone, last time I looked into this there wasn't a way to get LogMeIn to recongnise and use the local microphone, however this may have changed.


Kind regards



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Re: How to enable microphone/webcam?

What about just using Teams web interface instead of Teams App?