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Keystrokes suddenly stop appearing on MacOS to Windows 11

I am using a MacBook Air, OS Ventura 13.2.1,  w/bluetooth keyboard and bluetooth mouse to connect to a  Windows 11 desktop. I have the LogMeIn client downloaded on my Mac and access my host computer through the client installed on my Mac. 


The keyboard will suddenly stop registering keystrokes. The same issue has happened with three keyboards - two Bluetooth keyboards and the integrated keyboard on my Mac. The problem is most frequent in Word in Office 365. I will begin typing and suddenly the text will stop appearing. Ctrl shortcuts will not produce the actual shortcut, but will type the letter (e.g., ctrl + c will not copy, but will type a lowercase c). I can edit the document using the copy, paste, replace, find, etc. buttons. This sometimes kickstarts my ability to type, but then the text will stop appearing shortly thereafter. When I exit the application and reopen it, the problem still exists.


In other applications (specifically Notepad and Outlook), the text will stop appearing and it will appear as if the window is "unselected." Once I "select" the area where I am typing, the text will start to appear again.


If I press Ctrl twice, it will trigger the dictation on my Mac. Ctrl + Alt + Delete does not function at all.


The on-screen keyboard does not show that any buttons are stuck.


My keyboard mapping is set to use client layout, the keyboard and mouse are locked on the host computer, and the keyboard and mouse are set to user priority. 

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Re: Keystrokes suddenly stop appearing on MacOS to Windows 11

Hi @gperk, welcome to the community.


For assistance with this issue please call our toll-free support so they can troubleshoot this issue with you directly and gather more details. 


Glenn is a member of the GoTo Community Care Team.

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