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LogMeIn and IPadOS Mouse

I'm hoping somebody can help me, I have updated my iPad with the new IPadOS 13.1.2. This operating system allows you to use an external mouse with the iPad. The mouse seems to work great in almost all programs excluding logMeIn. 

The iPads mouse shows on the screen, I can move it. The problem is, is it does not operate as the mouse on my remote desktop.  

Is there a setting that will make my iPads mouse work my remote desktop.


Thank you

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Re: LogMeIn and IPadOS Mouse

Feature for use of Bluetooth mouse on iPad needs to be added!

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Re: LogMeIn and IPadOS Mouse

Really surprised to see how little support LMI has made for iOS/iPadOS.   This would greatly improve productivity.  Should be support for shift keys, Ctrl, Shift, Alt as well as for secondary right-click on the mouse and trackpad.  We have been paying LMI a lot of money for years.  For a company this big that also supports excellent iOS/iPadOS apps like LastPass, this should be an easy lift.  Please add soon.