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Mac's Freeze/Disconnect at Login

I have multiple Mac's where they will go to login, and it will ask for the login again on the remote Mac it self, or it will just go through the connecting action and then disconnect and will not allow the user in.


If the user is able to login it will freeze on the Mac screen and do nothing.


The Mac will however show as if the user is connected if checked by a different remote session.


All accounts are able to login from other devices and locations without issue.


The user and their remote device can not login.


Trying reinstalls, older versions, newer versions, removing and re-adding all Security settings and nothing has worked or helped.


All Mac's are 2019 Intel i-7 16GB iMac's.



GoTo Moderator

Re: Mac's Freeze/Disconnect at Login

hi @HelpTGC Welcome to the GoTo Community, 


Thanks for sharing the troubleshooting steps you have already tried.


If you are currently using Mac OS Ventura or Sonoma can you verify that you have screen recording permissions enabled? 


If this doesn't help, what do you use to connect to the Macs. Thanks

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