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Modifying or disabling certain keyboard shortcuts? CTRL-Alt conflicts with 3ds Max.

We frequently use the LogMeIn client to work remotely in 3ds Max. In 3ds Max CTRL and Alt keys are used to navigate and rotate the view. Typically you move a viewport by clicking the middle mouse button and dragging, then you can press Alt to rotate, and then add CTRL to zoom in and out. It's a very fast way to navigate the views, and it is completely second nature to experienced 3ds Max users.  Unfortunately, pressing CTRL-Alt is also the shortcut to exit full-screen mode in the  LogMeIn client. This means we're thrown out of full-screen view all the time when working. Is there any way to change or disable this keyboard shortcut?

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Any fix for this? We have the same issue with all Rhino and all of our 3D content creation software.
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Hi Torgeir!
I know it! It's a pain in the a** that shortcut. I changend the ctrl+alt shortcut combination in 3ds turning all of them in shift+alt but the issue in logmein still persists and at the moment there is not solution.

Photoshop has too many combination though and I still have the same problem.

Please, keep in touch in case we find out a solution



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Echoing that users are looking for a solution to disable Logmein's CONT+ALT shortcut.

This effects Adobe Creative Cloud programs such as Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign, and has gone from a minor annoyance to a significant issue. 

Over the last three years since this issue has been brought up, has Logmein made any steps in allowing users the option to simply disable its forced shortcut that interferes with workflow and performance?  

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Of course they didnt!! 😞