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Active Contributor

Need old installer for XP

I have 7 host computers that must run Windows XP (proprietary POS only works on XP for now). Logmein is working fine on these computer still (host software v4.1.0.9498) but I need to replace one of the computers and the current Logmein installer won't install on XP. Of course, Tech Supt was no help. Does anyone have an older installer. I'm convinced that if I can get it installed, it will work.

New Contributor

Can you send me the LogMeIn Installer that will work with Win XP SP3?

I will send you my email address.

Please help

Thank You!

New Contributor

Then do so.  I don't know for certain what I was sent by others actually works, I found another solution.

New Contributor

Please share with me your installer for Win XP SP3.

Please help!!

I can send you an email address or other link.

Please help!!!

Active Contributor

I wasn’t able to locate an installer for xp … sorry I can not help you.
New Contributor

I need to load logmein on windows xp and vista, is there install files I should or can use?


I managed to find some old install files however when I open logmein it states internet connetcion issues so I cannot attach them ot my account