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No Sound on client computer

My host is a PC, client is my Mac (Catalina). I have no sound on the logmein remote control desktop. I checked settings and volumes on the host.

Sound settings on the remote screen give these options:  


Microphone Array (Realteck(R) Audio or

Headset earphones


There are headphones plugged into the host.

Does anyone know how to fix the sound? 

GoTo Manager

Re: No Sound on client computer

Hi @SDD1  

This feature is currently limited to Premier subscribers, so as long as you have this type of account you should be able to receive remote sound.


Is there any chance you could test without the headphones plugged in? 


You may also troubleshoot by adjusting the Sound Quality: 

To change sound quality during remote control, click Options > Sound on the Remote Control toolbar and adjust the Quality slide bar.


Ash is a member of the LastPass Community Care Team.

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