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New Contributor

Pro Gateway IP address scheme clash with Home network

Hi all,


Small business setup question: We have a Hamachi Pro 'gateway' network setup which has co-incidentally ended up using the same IP address scheme as one of our employees home network. Usually, when people login to the Hamachi VPN, they receive the gateways actual physical IP address as per the IP scheme for the physical network, the physical network also serves DHCP to the VPN end point clients...however, this employee does not receive such services, presumably because the IP address clashes with her home network and therefore can't have two networks on two NIC adapters with the same network subnet...Hamachi has therefore given the gateway on her client, a different IP address and circumvent this issue, however its not routable across the physical network and she cannot access any resources.


Is there any way around this without resolving the IP address clash? Appreciate that would be the -most- sensible solution, but its not easy to ask an employee to change their home broadband network, and even harder to change the business' physical network! 🙂


Many thanks and appreciate the feedback!!