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Product Suggestion & Feedback

I was looking under help (aka ?) from my GoTo (aka Logmein) and would like to see a feedback button that goes to the technical staff for review and consideration.  No such thing.  I really think this would be a valuable item to have for both the user and the development support staff.


The other feature that I really need, is while on the blank screen option once remoted on my computer, I need a pop up that warns anyone on the other side that the computer is being used remotely.  And, better yet an option to chat with them or they with me.  My staff often uses internet music.  If I'm logged in with the blank screen even though I have warned them, they move the mouse so crazy trying to wake a machine in use that I can't unblank the screen and chat with them.  

Retired GoTo Contributor

Re: Product Suggestion & Feedback

Hi @jeboggs 

Thanks for your feedback here.

We regularly check the Community for 'ideas' and product enhancements that customers can weigh in on to add value.  

Ash is a member of the LastPass Community Care Team.

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