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Some users lose keyboard control, also lost on remote pc

I have an issue where  we connect to a remote PC using cellular data.


Once in awhile, when the remote PC locks up, the remote user will lose keyboard control, and the keyboard also goes dead at the remote end.


They call me and I get them to close their session, I log in and am able to unlock the screen, and keyboard control is back for the remote. 


I got the users to check their keyboard under options, and theirs is like mine, set to use logmein legacy mapping.


This particular PC was set to lock up after a time out or remote used losing connection, so I disabled those hoping the lockouts go away, but I am still puzzled by the remote used loses keyboard control

GoTo Moderator

Re: Some users lose keyboard control, also lost on remote pc

Hi @Glen_S 

Do you know what the operating systems the problem PCs have running? 

When you say you use cell data, is that on a mobile device too, or as a hotspot for another client? 


Are these PCs rebooted regularly? 

Can you also confirm the LogMeIn build installed there? 

Ash is a member of the GoTo Community Care Team.

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