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Using LogMeIn on machines connected through KVM switch.

Good morning and Happy Monday guys. I am in the need of knowing how to properly adjust the settings for LogMeIn to work on two machines through a KVM Switch. The exact model I have is this one: 

What happens is that the desktop on stand-by when accessed through the program will allow me to log-in and see the desktop but not much else. I cannot even get to the ctrl-alt-delete screen and end-up disconnecting the session. I have two HP Omen desktops with identical specs and set-up connected to a KVM switch and two monitors and LogMeIn on both. But can only remotely manage 1 at a time even though both are on and have their own ethernet cables running to them. Ideas on how to remote-into into the second if the first is in-use?

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Re: Using LogMeIn on machines connected through KVM switch.

I have a similar issue using a KVM switch to connect two computers to a single monitor. One computer is dedicated to a business application (AppA) that several people use LMI Pro to access. This same computer is connected via KVM to a second desktop computer. When I switch sessions between the computers using the switch there is no problem. When remote users use LMI to access AppA, the application functions properly only if I stay on that machine and DO NOT switch to the other machine via the KVM. If I switch to the other machine via the KVM, the AppA machine does not display the application properly - the borders are drawn in about 40%, making the application extremely difficult to use.