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New Contributor

Can't go to safe website. Blocked by Logmein Antivirus.

I am trying to go to The website is blocked but I know that it is safe. Is there anyway to add it to a whitelist? I am not seeing any options on the antivirus itself or logmein central. 

Active Contributor

I'm having the same issues. No way to manage the content filtering?

Active Contributor

This has been an issue for over a year, and I'm having this problem with one of my users now. 😕

GoTo Moderator

Hi @ 

Have you already tried creating a local security policy for LMI AV there? 

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Active Contributor

Thank you for replying!  I was just about to type "the exclusions only allow you to exclude file type"  But I see now it also allows you to exclude URLs  so THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!!


Now if only you can get the back end people to build in option for setting a full scan as a one to many task.  it's quite a pain not being able to tether a full AV scan to a Alert policy. So that when a person's PC has been online for a few weeks, it can force the full scan as soon as it boots up.