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Can’t see Office 365 FILE screens

I hit this odd problem on several computers when using Remote Control. Say you have Word, Excel, Outlook etc open. You click FILE on the ribbon menu. As you mouse over and click Info, Account or the other options on the left column, the detail screens to the right are blank. Makes it impossible to say go to ACCOUNT and update Office.

Has anyone hit this and found a way around it?

PS: the Windows 10 Setting screens do odd things on these computers also.

Remote control error.jpg

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Re: Can’t see Office 365 FILE screens

Hi @jbrown08322, welcome to the community.


Would you be able to provide some more details and perhaps a screen recording? I tried recreating this issue on my Windows 10 PC and was unable to.


  • What happens with the Windows Settings screens?
  • Could this be a screen resolution issue? When you connect are they using their native resolution or is it being adjusted to something else for the session?
  • Are all the computers this is happening on the same? (system specs, screen resolutions etc)
  • Are there other Windows 10 computers that you connect to that do not have this issue?  
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Re: Can’t see Office 365 FILE screens

I'll try to get more screen shots/recordings. Both systems where I see this not available right now.


  • Windows setting appears to not clear and repaint the window. Just overprints on top of the initial screen. I'll try to get a screen shot/recording of this also.
  • I've tried adjusting the resolutions in LogMeIn Options and does not seem to matter.
  • No,  they totally different machines / clients.
  • I have 30+ systems in the LogMeIn account and only have seen this a handful of times. 2 currently.


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Re: Can’t see Office 365 FILE screens

Did a screen recording (.webm) in LogMeIn. But I can't find a way to attach it in this forum.


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Re: Can’t see Office 365 FILE screens

I finally figured out this problem. The systems it was happening on were laptops. Turns out the users had closed the laptop lid and that causes the problem. If they leave it open I'm fine.