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Cannot change email address of users!



We have a change of email address to a different domain name and we must transfer our accounts to this new domain by next week.


When users are logging into LMI Central and clicking 'View Profile', it takes them to this page:


Within this page they are able to change their primary and backup email. They receive the token code and enter this. After this they are unable to login with their old email or their new email. When logging in it just takes them back to the main LogMeIn website. Logging into the app presents the user with 'trial' options. 


I was able to change my email before the change of login method following the recent security incident, you could do it from the main LMI panel, and not through the GoTo login window. My email was changed fine using the old method.


Could this please be looked at ASAP as we have 15-20 users that require account changes and 3 engineers have lost access. I can revert the email back to the original from this page and verify the old email, it then provides the correct machines.


Are there some known issues or how can I resolve this?



GoTo Moderator

Re: Cannot change email address of users!

@HappyHippo I'm sorry I haven't heard of this situation as a known issue. I created a case for you with the details here. Someone from support will be reaching out to you shortly. 

Kate is a member of the GoTo Community Care Team.

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