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Central VS GoTo Resolve

I'm doing some tests with Goto resolve and I noticed how well it is done and much cleaner.
I tested some scripts in Goto that already have the commands ready and they worked fine and taking that same script to the central one doesn't work. It would be fantastic to migrate everyone from central to Goto Resolve and discontinue that central. Another alternative would also be to check with the sales staff if this platform migration is possible. It was just an outburst. Congratulations, the Goto team solved it

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Re: Central VS GoTo Resolve

@DiegoDash this is good feedback and will be shared with the team. Thank you! 


I'm happy to share that Resolve scripting will be added to Central in 2024, we will update the Community when it's available. 

Kate is a member of the GoTo Community Care Team.

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Re: Central VS GoTo Resolve

Wow, what great news. I could only say at least the month so as not to make us so anxious. One suggestion would be to open the application to beta testers. I would love to contribute feedback.