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Change user password as Administrator

I have Logmein Central with a couple of  users


One of the users is currently away from his location and cannot remotely acces his email and has forgotton his LogMeIn password he is an infrequent user. Is there a way for me as the administrator to change his LogMeIn password so he can sign in.




Re: Change user password

I have the same trouble. Anyone help us !

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Re: Change user password

I need to do the same thing. Any help?

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Re: Change user password

i see no answers here... did you come right ?  as the account main user you used to have control of all sorts of options for the users, including cahning passwords..... all gone now... it seems I am only able to select what machines users have access to...... no other mainenance at all.  will have to try deleting a user and re inviting.....


wish i had the time to look for alternative to logmein, seems they just want to drive users away.



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Re: Change user password

Looks to me like you can't enable LMI without having email access.
So your best option is probably for you to make a new User, and share that login info with your employee over the phone.

If you CAN use email, then I believe you have to use this link:

(found on this LMI FAQ: )

Kinda strange that I guess I can type in anyone's email address and get their password reset, not just my own.
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Re: Change user password

How ?

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Re: Change user password

Click on this link and type the email of the user that needs the password reset. Only way it worked for me.

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Re: Change user password

9 years later. NINE! And they still haven't been able to put in a function to let an admin reset a user password. Literally one of the most basic functions of any user admin system, and in nine years LMI could not be bothered to amend this issue. I would say I was surprised, but with LMI, no shortcoming of the software surprises me. 

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Re: Change user password

Make it ten. And what's more: my user contacted LMI support for help with this (the reset email isn't being delivered) and they told her to have her administrator reset her password. 


*pulls hair out*

GoTo Manager

Re: Change user password

Hi @AK_Andy, welcome to the community.


I apologize for the frustration. I was able to identify the account of your user that called in and asked Support to check our email server logs to see if the PW reset emails were delivered or not. They did not see any sent so they triggered one just now. Please have Amanda check her email, and if you would like to private message me the email address of the other user we can check that account also. Just click on my user name to see my profile and send me a PM.


Glenn is a member of the GoTo Community Care Team.

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