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Copy and paste in remote CMD

Hi guys,


Since the last update to LMI Client, every time I go in to the remote CMD I'm unable to paste anything in to the window.


I have the option to paste, but when I do it just moves the cursor in a few characters.


I've tried right clicking, Ctrl + V but nothing.


Is anyone else experiencing the same? 

GoTo Moderator

Re: Copy and paste in remote CMD

Hi @plc1982 

I apologize for the difficulty there.  While I haven't heard of this specific behavior, it may be related to another report of CMD prompts closing the interface early.  I will check with engineers to see if the forthcoming release will have an effect. 

Ash is a member of the GoTo Community Care Team.

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Active Contributor

Re: Copy and paste in remote CMD

Yes we are experiencing the exact same issue. Very annoying indeed.  I think it relates to the build of Windows on the remote unit. The newer the build the less likely it seems that Paste in the CMD/Powershell windows will work.