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Device Control Anti Virus

We just started to experience a situation where LogMeIn AV has focused in on a USB printer and is showing some weird behavior.    The Event Log shows "Device control - A device has been removed from your system Device Name Boca BIDI...."   Right after that we see "Device Control - A new device has been detected on your system.  Device name Boca BIDI..."    So, this is a direct attached USB Boca printer.  It is plug and play.  It appears that AV removes it, then Windows adds it back.  This series of Event logs is endless.    We do have Logmein AV on other workstations with Boca printers and we do not see this behavior.   Support told me to make a policy with exceptions for the drivers.  I did that.  I also checked do not scan USB on that policy and applied it to the workstation.  The machine has been rebooted and a day later, the same behavior continues.  Anyone else seen this ?  Any resolutions ? suggestions ?

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Re: Device Control Anti Virus

@AD2  After checking with the team I'm afraid the reason for this behavior is unknown.  Please give us a call when you have access to the host PC so we can gather the necessary log files. 

Ash is a member of the LastPass Community Care Team.

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