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Disable Clipboard Sync

Is there a way to disable Clipboard Sync?


For security, I would like to disable the ability for users to be able to copy and paste from the host computer to the end client, and vice versa.


I believe the feature can be turned on and off from the LogMeIn Menu (see image below), but that requires the end user checking off the box. Also you can limit the size of data to 1 KB (see image below) but I would like to zero this out too, if possible.  But I would like to keep this feature off by default, and/or to stop users from being able to turn it off and on.







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You can change the maximum size on the Host Preferences package settings then assign it to all computers. It is in KB though so simple password copying won't be affected I don't think. I can't see a way to disable clipboard sharing for users completely though. You'll have to wait for a LMI rep to reply.