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Feature Request - Tags

It would be really handy to be able to create a set of tags that can be assigned (one or more) to devices in the list, and to be able to filter the list on one or more of them.

At the moment, if there's something we need to do to multiple machines (e.g. install new vpn client) we edit the machine name and add a tag at the end to highlight that it's been done for a particular device. We can then filter the view by searching for the tag if we need to.
This method is a complete pain though when it comes to taking the 'tag' off of all the devices once the process is completed.
(By the way - bug alert - If you right click a device's 'Computer Properties' spanner icon and open in a new tab more than three times at once, the details of one of the devices will get copied over the properties of the other ones you opened (Chrome, Windows 10))

The 'Groups' idea in the current interface doesn't really cut it as a device can only be in one group, and you need to know which group it's in when looking for it alphabetically as it were.

 Ideal would be to be able to select multiple devices in the list, and select one or more predefined tags from a dropdown (up near the 'Add group' button maybe?),  at which point the tags are assigned.
The same process could be used to remove tags from multiple devices (any tags linked to any of the selected devices would be highlighted in the dropdown and selecting any of them again deselects it and removes the tag from any devices that have it).

That would REALLY improve the interface for us.
Anyone else?

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Re: Feature Request - Tags

Have you tried creating as custom label?  You count enter the value of say BETA in it.  Then search for BETA and all computers show up.