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New Contributor

Hamachi doesn't download itself properly ?

I am getting frustrated beyond belief so i am going to ask the community and the staff after this thread with the hopes of finally making this thing work.


Firstly everywhere i look i see that this menu suddenly gets a brand new hamachi special one but i don't get anything after countless redownloads and search for a solution, i may just be blind but if that's the case i will gladly take a hit to my ego if it means i can play with my friends. image_2021-12-19_201248.png


Secondly, this menu that you can access with hdwwiz.cpl and that show this.



well if you can zoom in hard enough you can see that there is an exclamation mark in yellow on the hamachi virtual ethernet adapter and there's two even ! , can't find what it means and after 3 hours of finding people that doesn't have this issue i give up.


I also get this error message from hamachi itself but i think it's just a continuation of the bigger picture.




That's all i have, if anyone has a solution, a guide or anything i am open to give any informations necessary to resolve this issue


New Contributor

Re: Hamachi doesn't download itself properly ?

I'm having this exact same issue. I've tried everything that was recommended to me, nothing works.