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Hotspot WiFi Connection - LogMeIn Shows Offline - Not Accessible

I have a hotspot with a T-Mobile sim card.  When this computer is connected to that hotspot, logmein control panel shows offline - not accessible.   When this computer is connected to any other wifi connection, logmein shows online and is accessible.

What could be causing this issue?  It's definitely not a firewall issue since other wifi connections work just fine.   My guess is something to do with T-Mobile...either they are blocking logmein or logmein is blocking t-mobile (my ipaddress).  The logmein logs show error 10060 (timeout issue).  I've googled forever and found no help.  The only thing that error 10060 shows is to check the proxy settings.  There are no proxy settings anywhere.  I've fully reset the hotspot.  I have 10-12 other computers setup this way (with this hotspot and tmobile sim cards) and those work fine.  So what's the deal?  Any help is appreciated.

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Re: Hotspot WiFi Connection - LogMeIn Shows Offline - Not Accessible

Hi @pcpro, welcome to the community.


 I do not know what specific device you are using but it looks like T-Mobile offer some kind of companion app for managing their Hotspots, have you checked it's settings? 


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