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Intermittent problem renaming files and folders

Some of our users are complaining of an intermittent problem renaming files and folders when connected with LogMeIn. 


For example they can create a folder via File Explorer which is initially named New Folder


However the usual attempts to rename that folder (i.e. F2) are unsuccessful.  They are literally blocked from highlighting the name which would allow then to enter a different name.


Occasionally disconnecting and reconnecting will help, but not always.


Some days they don’t have any problems and other times they do.  All of the user have full LogMeIn permissions on the computers they connect to.

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Re: Intermittent problem renaming files and folders

Hi.  I have same issue.  I have found a work around.  Right click the file or folder and choose "Properties". The file name will appear in  the dialog box near the top.  You can edit the name there and then hit "OK" and the file will be renamed.  Oddly, the "Apply" button will remain greyed out, but OK works.  Still, very annoying. 


I'm using Windows 10 Pro on both ends and am logged in as an Administrator.  Note, right clicking and hitting Rename does NOT work (nor does hitting F2 as noted by OP). When you do these things, nothing happens at all. Only using the Properties Box seems to work (or opening and resaving the file with a new name).  Note, I CAN right click and delete the file, so this does not appear to be a matter of ownership or read-only status.


Hope this helps. -John

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Re: Intermittent problem renaming files and folders

Thanks for that simple solution!