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'Kaspersky Software Updater' keeps installing, but I got rid of Kaspersky AV

I kept finding it on workstations here and there.  I would uninstall thinking I missed it, but I continued to find it.  I thought maybe there was a remaining workstation acting as a repository and installing the Updater, or a Windows DC Server GPO installing silently.  Never could find workstations nor any GPOs. 


I spent hours looking around on the Internet to solve this problem.  I finally found it Logmein without telling me when I turned 3rd party application updates that they would be silently installing Kaspersky Russian Software.  You know, the Russians, who all 17 Intelligence agencies in the US say is hacking our elections and numerous other infrastructure systems in our country and most of the rest of the World.


Russia is untrustworthy.   Plenty of information to chew about that:


This isn't acceptable not being notified the technology being used for 3rd Party application updater.


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My DDQ efforts for compliance just took a sucker punch to the gut because of your lack of transparency.


Cut ties with Kaspersky or I predict you will be taking an even bigger PR hit. Take that message to your Board of Directors not just the Product Team. 


If I don't see enough movement on correcting this, I will be trumpeting it from the mountaintops come next Winter. That disclosure of my intent is my transparency.


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From the registry the new guid...



MsiExec.exe /X{EB3EB252-23C8-4E03-89DA-3D9BC479BB69} /qb

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Agreed x 1000


"Application updater" is dangerously misleading.  Particularly in the context of the customers you are targeting.


We are not the people you want to be hiding things from.


"INSTALL KASPERSKY APPLICATION UPDATER AGENT" would be a meaningful radio button.  Clear intent, no surprises.


Giving us all heart attacks when the A/V starts sending alerts about silent background installs of Kaspersky that we didn't buy and didn't authorize...that is a strange choice for a company looking to build a loyal and long-term customer base among industry professionals.

Cut it out.

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I just discovered that it is still happening. A brand new computer just rolled out a month ago that never had Kaspersky on it,  now does. The user would have not installed the Kaspersky Software updater - it could have only come from Logmein Central. This is very concerning.

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Talking to LogMeIn tech support, the engineer said they are not installing the Kaspersky Updater, he sia dhe is 100% positive sure LogMeIn anti-virus doesn't use the Kaspersky Updater.

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I also spoke with a logmein tech about this. The kaspersky updater isn't part of an antivirus but is used for updating third party software. It's normal for all central installs if you want to be able to update non-microsoft software. It's a tool for updates.


Not sure why it was so difficult to get this answer from them.

Dan the LAN Man
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LogMeIn Central is the common thread across multiple clients, Windows servers and personal computers suddenly listing Kaspersky Updater on their installed software list. 




Hopefully LogMeIn Support can convince me it is GOOD to have installed as well as advise me on how  remove it and how to stop it from being installed.  


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As I type, Russian troops are in Ukraine, shelling Kyiv.  Any update from Logmein?

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I have been using Kaspersky software for a couple of years now, and I am very happy with it. However, I recently updated my computer to Windows 10 and the Kaspersky software updater kept installing updates. Now I will visit website to read reviews. The only way I could stop the updates was by uninstalling Kaspersky AV and then reinstalling it.