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New Contributor

LMI Agent Install through Intune

I am trying to install LMI agent to users devices through Intune, I am not sure whether any specific package is available just for the agent install (so helpdesk can remote into users computer) or is there some form of switch and process that I have to use in order to do this. Also, will be able to set the default username and password for it  so the helpdesk can remote in?


Appreciate your response.

Active Contributor

Re: LMI Agent Install through Intune

I'm working on the same thing. And the only .MSI file that LMI folks supply isn't giving me everything i need. 
I was able to get the install package to work via intune. The LMI client installs with no error. But the msi is missing the remote piece. Or the w32 package wrapper won't wrap it. Any success on your end?