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New Contributor

LMI Client computer list visual artifacts

There's a bug where when interfacing with the list of computers below the search box. When typing in the search box, the results below populate correctly, but when you start hovering over the results, you'll see old or stuck results that cannot be correctly interacted with. 


I created a step through set of snap shots where I typed in corp, then moved the mouse down the results. As you can see, the results change to other stuff, and you see the buttons show up for a computer, as If I had clicked on one, but I did not click on one. The buttons only show up when you hover over them one at a time.


Please update your program and fix visual glitches like this, I've become accustomed to using process explorer to force close the app and reopen it as this is the only way to close the set of processes with the LMI ignition.


New Contributor

Re: LMI Client computer list visual artifacts

The actual screen shot. It appears your forums are dysfunctional for editing the original post.Bugged interface.png

GoTo Manager

Re: LMI Client computer list visual artifacts

Hi @Wade4, welcome to the community.


We were unable to recreate the issue so I have opened a support case for you so they can gather more information and troubleshoot with you.


Glenn is a member of the GoTo Community Care Team.

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