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LogMeIn AntiVirus Will Not Install - FIXED

THIS IS THE FIX.  You should document this.

I was able to find the Install file for LMI Antivirus.  It goes into C:\WINDOWS\TEMP
and it deletes itself shortly after the install fails.  You must act quickly in order to get this file.
I was able to capture that and copy it to my desktop.

Then I copied my copy and extracted that so as to not see my copy deleted.
I changed my C:\Program Data\LogMeIn\Logmein.log   file to *.bak then
I ran Install.exe as Administrator.  

The new log file indicated to delete the C:\WINDOWS\TEMP contents.  Did that.
Then the Install.exe actually ran in Wizard mode (not Silent Install) and I saw that it was failing 
on the vestiges of a previous SpyBot - Search and Destroy installation.

I searched the HD and deleted every orphaned directory for AVG, Avast, Malwarebytes and Spybot.
Then I searched the Registry and I deleted every occurrence of Spybot and Avast.

Then the Install.exe succeeded !!  Running the first scan now.
The Central Premiere (Pro) has yet to understand that LMI AV is installed.  This may happen later.
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Re: LogMeIn AntiVirus Will Not Install - FIXED

Easier Method:
Seems I have completely resolved the issue without editing the registry.
I did remove the orphaned directories.
I found an Avast Corporate Cleaner.
The Avast Portal Uninstall does not do a clean uninstall.
AvastClear.exe restarts the PC in Safe Mode and removes the Avast Kernel Drivers.

All my PCs are installing and syncing with Central.
No manual install needed.

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Re: LogMeIn AntiVirus Will Not Install - FIXED

@EricAnderson thanks for sharing this with the Community.  

Kate is a member of the GoTo Community Care Team.

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