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Not receiving verification email/code

We have been having aproblem for about two months where we sometimes do not receive a   verification email/code when we login. This happens to our users all over the the world.  There is no rhyme or reason as to why or when it will happen.   It's seemingly random.    It's making it VERY difficult for us to do business.  This is still not working for us.    It seems to work find in the "middle of the night" before 8am Mountain time....but is only sporadic throughout the daytime.   And....we've found that it's more reliable when using the app instead of the website.   This thing is RIDICULOUS. 

New Contributor

I am dealing with this right now. I do not get the one-time code and the tech support is closed. I have a user that is down and I cannot help . This is ridiculous! Time to find a new solution...

GoTo Moderator

@mannyc   Sorry for the frustrations. 

Were you able to recieve the RBA communications thereafter? 

If the Emails are still failing, we can see if there's been a block placed on that address due to too many returns.

Ash is a member of the GoTo Community Care Team.

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New Contributor

Was there ever a solution found on this?  I am having that problem now a couple of years later.......

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Also having this problem in 2022. I have started my own thread which nobody in support has responded to. 


I am trying to sign in to pay for another year, can nobody help with this? 


I'll give it another day before I will have to go to another remote software provider.