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One2Many Plan - Computers getting removed if added to multiple plans

This is in relation to an issue observed with one of the features in LogMeIn : One2Many à Plans


Case 1:

For any One2Many plan which is planned for future deployment, a specific task is selected and the required target computers are added in the One2Many plan followed by the scheduled date and time for future run. Let’s call this Plan A.


Now let’s take another One2Many plan (let’s call it Plan B) is created with some target computers which are already part of Plan A. Now, it is observed, the computers which are common in both plans, are automatically being removed from Plan A which is scheduled for a future run.


Now in these situations, Plan A is again re-created by adding all the required computers. But this again result in computers automatically being removed from Plan B.


However, this phenomenon is not observed all the time, but 90% of the cases are observed with this. This kills a lot of time keeping the plans up-to-date with right computers for a single execution. There are multiple LMI administrators under a single account holder who make use of this feature and creates and schedule multiple One2Many plans for future deployments. We all have to keep updating the plans multiple times before the scheduled run.


Case 2:

However, if multiple plans are created by adding a LogMeIn group, instead of selectively adding some computers, it never cause any issues.


Question for LogMeIn:

  1. Is it true that a single computer cannot be part of multiple One2Many plans?
  2. What could be the possible reason for the above said observation? Is it something related to overlapping time while creating multiple plans that causes this?
  3. Any workaround available to overcome this issue?


GoTo Manager

Re: One2Many Plan - Computers getting removed if added to multiple plans

@lags7 Sorry for the confusion.  You should be able to have single PCs become members of multiple Central Plans.


If you could say specifically how each Plan is being setup there, it may shed light on some of the limitations between them.  Are you copying them, or creating from scratch?  Have you tried assigning these PCs to entire computer groups?


Ash is a member of the LastPass Community Care Team.

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New Contributor

Re: One2Many Plan - Computers getting removed if added to multiple plans

@AshC I am able to create multiple plans, however if the computers are part of more than 1 plan, the former plan automatically removes the computer. I have exeperienced almost every time I am creating plans.

To answer your query, I am creating plans from scratch. Also each computer is already part of one group. For running plans, it is not feasible and worth spending efforts in assigning the required computers to a new group. Moreover this is a recurring activity every month, and consumes a lot of time and does not even assure the plans stay intact after creating for the first time. I am spending a lot of time in keeping a check before the actual scheduled day and update if any computer is removed automatically. This is frustrating.