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Problem registering to server directory on MAC devices in the domain

I cannot save the Session record of my Mac device in the domain to the public directory with authorization.

In Logmein control panel, I write the common directory to the session record directory as follows.



2023-03-04 14_58_02.jpg


On my WINDOWS devices in the domain, I can register the machine name when I authorize the relevant common directory.
However, on mac devices in the domain, even if I write the machine name and authorize the relevant user account, registration to the "related directory" does not occur.

When I authorize "everyone" to the authorization in the relevant folder directory, registration can be done.


I want to save the screen recording to the relevant directory by authorizing the domain user or computer account on Mac devices.


How can I do it?


GoTo Moderator

Re: Problem registering to server directory on MAC devices in the domain

Hi @trkvzmdy welcome to the GoTo Community. There is no way to create an authorization for storing LMI video files, it will simply try to put the recordings there. It will not try to authenticate with any user info, so this is not possible.

Kate is a member of the GoTo Community Care Team.

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