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Screen Blanking not working after Windows 10 2004

Microsoft has pushed out Windows 10 2004 to my workstations in our office and now screen blanking no longer works. 

My employee's are working remotely and rely on screen blanking for privacy. My company handles many sensitive items and this issue is causing havoc as I'm now having to move computers to new locations to protect information. 


Worst still LogMeIn has no detection method to caution the user that screen blanking is not working. Employee's are at home looking at confidential information for anyone in our office to see thinking the screen blanking is working unless informed by someone in the office. 


I've tried most of the fixes people would normally do, update drivers, enable disable hardware acceleration, remove and reinstall monitor drivers, display adapters. I've tried AMD, Intel, and Nvidia Graphics cards and the issue remains. 


I opened the support case 13356680 but that did not really provide any resolution and i was directed to call in. I talked with an agent where we looked at a few different items but found no resolution. In talking with development I was told 2004 is beta and unsupported???  Considering the size of LMI I would think you guys would be testing on the preview channel's to head off issues like this.


Does anyone else have the issue?

Has anyone figured out a workaround other than rollback of a system to the 1909 version? 

Is there any eta on a fix?


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My dual monitors work if we turn off the monitors though.
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Is there any update on this issue?  I have a few computers now where screen blanking is enable, but not actually blanking the screens.  We also have the issue where you can't have a "Headless" system meening the workaround of turning the monitors off, doesn't work for us because LMI doesn't work on some of our hardware when it is "Headless".  This is becoming very frustrating!

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Still no response @AshC can you give us an update this has been going on months?



GoTo Moderator

@JCSS  The latest Windows updates from Microsoft have blocked the ability for LogMeIn to blank the screen, based on some security issues they viewed as vulnerable.  While you can still roll back this update (#2004) to resolve the issue, we are currently working on a new way to blank Windows machines with this OS version moving forward.  I'm sorry I don't have a current ETA to share, and will update as soon as I hear more.

Ash is a member of the GoTo Community Care Team.

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@AshC Thanks for the update.

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@AshC This is quite poor considering the size of LogMeIn. The hassle it would cause to roll back a windows feature update and no ETA - Really?? If this is not resolved by the time subscription renewal comes around my company will be looking for an alternative provider. 

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@AshC Is there any update you can share on the resolution of this issue? Even a tentative/target resolution date would be helpful. Thanks.

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I'm also having this issue, I work in healthcare so this isn't really acceptable.
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Hi @AshC , it is coming up on 4 weeks since you last updated on this thread about the issue first reported in June. Is there going to be a fix? If yes then will it be? Whether you answer today and how you answer will be pivotal in whether I ask our IT company to arrange RDP/VPN set up instead or not and look for a refund for our LogMeIn subscriptions. It is totally unacceptable that this issue is being allowed to drag on without providing your customers with some meaningful update as to when or if you can restore the screen blanking feature. It is difficult enough trying to organise staff working from home, social distancing in the office etc. etc. without another added headache like this.



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HI @AshC I have to agree with @RonanMac this has now been going on way to long and a roll back of windows just isn't an option.


I currently have a 2 year contract with Logmein and really need to know what is happening.