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Time will tell, this is the end

I raised the Russia/Kaspersky issue, it was blown off, to a degree.

I had issues with One2Many, blown away, practicall no support.

Someone changed my ID for postings to a fictious one, so I could not be reverse identified.

My renewal went from $xxx per month to $xxx per month.

I went to Splashtop, took a deep breath, and still have no idea what LogMeIn is trying to do.

Again, my opinion, they want their overall "picture" to look good enough for a suitor (like Microsoft?) to eventuall buy them.

Bye Bye LogMeIn, it was O while it lasted, but it's time to part ways

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Re: Time will tell, this is the end

Yes, I canceled my logmein today. You guys have priced yourselves out of the market. Went with Splashtop for $ xxx per year for 50 computers compared to your price of $ xxx for only 25. Loved your product but way overpriced.