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Using LMI Central to Apply Windows 10 Updates Fails

Been using LMI for at least 7 years and with the progression of Windows 10, the ability to push updates to all my computers isn't working like it once did. It used to be that once Central showed an update was availabe, I could "Check for updates now" and it would either show the same update or show more, but when you went to apply them, they would run and apply. Now I get "Details not available for "X" updates. Please check again later." This goes on for days and I end up dialing into all my computers and running all the updtes manaually or it says they are applying but when I log into the computer the following day, they are still there and have not applied, this is a colassal waste of time and the reason we have LMI. So what has happened that this isn't working like it used to? And please, don't tell me to call support and open a ticket, ever since LMI and Go to Meeting joined, the support has fallen off, if you ask a question off script you get silence and they NEVER call or email me back. Somehow every problem I report is a fault on my end even though, it never is.

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After some further testing, we found that the Windows Update client may not be able to communicate with the Windows Update service for several reasons.  These include the following:

  • The Windows Update service was disabled, or the service startup type is not set to “Automatic” and the service is running.
  • The Windows module installed but was disabled by a local anti-virus software
  • The is not in the trusted sites list of the local firewall

I realize this is not definitive, but hopefully it provides some insights to the failure.

Ash is a member of the GoTo Community Care Team.

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Windows update Service is set to automatic and is running (was set to manual and I changed it to Automatic).


On the computer itself it is showing that it needs 2 updates.


LMI console is showing that 1 update  that it does not have details for, but as you can see there are 2 updates that need to be applied.


I have also hit the check updates twice in the LMI control panel and same results.  I will check back tomorrow to see if the behavior has changed.

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Hey Jason which level of logmein do you have mine doesnt have that option to split the important updates and the optional updtes
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This is LogMeIn Central that gives you this.


Jason26, if you go from the sidebar: Updates > Windows, you'll see your list of computers. If you just select 1 you'll see "Change Setting" at the top of the list become active. If you click on that you'll go to the Update Settings screen for that machine. In the "Choose how Windows can install updates" section, if you change the "Recommended Updates" to "Handle the same way as important updates" it will get optional windows updates to display. That has helped me sometimes but its not a fix and the things Ash has recommended, don't work. LogMeIn made some change between versions and all of this stopped working right, so much so that if I went and installed an older version of LMI, this whole update process works without issue but since LMI auto updates, that version won't stay long.

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Yeah I was going to explain that to Oscar today since he asked the question about not being able to see the optional updates, but thank you for the information. Checked back on the Server that I have been testing with and put screenshots in yesterday and still same issue with not seeing the correct updates. One of them is a February patch so it should show up correctly. Something is broken on the LMI end for sure.




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Yep! This is exactly when I have been trying to explain to them for all this time.

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And all of a sudden I come back later in the day and it is only showing 1 update available, when clearly was 2 this morning. Details are still not available.



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Yes, you will see this change. I have had computers show there are X amount of updates available but LMI has no details and then after a reboot or if a user actually does an update on their own, the X amount will change. I have even seen it change when Microsoft comes out with a new cumulative update that contains multiple fixes. The bottom line is that if LMI can see there are X amount available then it should have detail on said update so it can be applied and it's no longer doing that

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After the weekend still reporting the same.  I am going to continue to put this in until LMI can figure this out.




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Showing 2 updates when I am on the machine


And still not showing correct in LMI


Just waiting for LMI to fix the issue