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allow this site to open the logmein link popup on Firefox

I was wondering if anybody knows of how to get the popup box that firefox throws when opening a logmeing link (command prompt, remote, file transfer, etc.) That reads "allow this site to open the logmein link with the logmein client? to always remember for the entire domain vs each devices url?  Maybe a whitelist somewhere. We have about 30,000 devices that have some additions and removals daily and having to click the box sometimes 100+ times a day is pretty tedious.

GoTo Manager

Re: allow this site to open the logmein link popup on Firefox

Hi @Chronos2187, welcome to the community.


Firefox has an exceptions list for it's pop-up blocker, you may be able to add the link globally through autoconfig:  


Glenn is a member of the GoTo Community Care Team.

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