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bypass usernam/pass

Hello, i work for Kuubix global and i was tasked to install software using logmein automation. Before our current IT team the previous team had the admin name and creds different and its hard to get anything installed into these computers. i was able to install logmein using datto services. Now i need to install antivirus software crowdstrike, and install arctic wolf. Some of these computers we dont have username and passwords to. So i cant install any software to those computers without knowing the local user name and password. Is there a way to bypass the local username and password? i just want to run a cmd process by creating a local admin account so i can install software i mentioned above. for me to create local admin i need to have local admin creds otherwise i cant install anything let alone create any local admin accounts. i have to do this on 170 computers and need to get this done at the end of next week.