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"Help widget" position is hiding "Edit" link in LogMeIn Central


I recently notice that the "Help widget" is hiding "Edit" link in LogMeIn Central. For most part, it doesn't really interfere with my operation to do editing since I can just scroll up and down to unhide the "Edit" link but that's not the case for the most bottom client on the list. I've tried resizing my browser in hopes that I can somehow unhide it but t doesn't.  Currently, the only way I can unhide it is by clicking the "Help widget" then click "Minimize widget":


Afterwards the "Help widget" would become smaller and the most bottom "Edit" link will be shown:


Even so, it still doesn't guarantee that I'll be able to click the "Edit" link without pointing my cursor on the capital E.


I notice that there's some space at the bottom of the page which probably can be occupied by the "Help widget" and won't interfere with the most bottom "Edit" link provided that the widget get a slight resize. There's also ample space on top of the page between the blue bar and search box for the widget to reposition there with its original size.