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Upgrade single PC to Pro

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Hi, i have LogMEIn Central with 500+ computers - the current level of access and control provided by central is more than enough for what we need to fo (remote desktop only).


This is except for one PC, my office PC. I would like to be able to upgrade this to Pro so i can use multi monitor support etc from my home PC. I cannot find a way to do this, everytime  itry to upgrade the one PC i am asked to pay to upgrade all PC's in the account.


Im sure i remember buying a couple of Pro subscriptions in the past and assigning them t oa couple of PC on which we wanted to be able to stream the audio back.


Any ideas??

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Re: Upgrade single PC to Pro

Hello @steven_fitch,


Thank you for posting to the Community.


While we previously did have a subscription model like that which you describe, Central subscriptions are now on a tier system, with Basic, Plus, or Premier features for all computers in one’s account.


We hope this information is helpful.

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