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The New GoTo App Shortcomings observed so far

1)Information on meeting stating time, running time is missing/removed on the GoTo window.
2)The Recorded WEBM video is not allowing any seeking in windows default video apps. it is unresponsive when we seek and keeps playing serially.
3)The GOTO Meeting APPs GPU Utilization is very high and causing the GPU to soar up to 60C temperatures
4)The screen sharing information window is too small and nothing appears in it even on my 4K monitor. It's impossible to detect which screen/app is being shared. Even the screen sharing window showing the minute image where we have to recognize the content based its color.
5)In a multi monitor environment, the app opened in primary monitor but when we split the  GoTo controls, they are all shifting to secondary monitor from primary. There must be an option to choose the location of controls in terms of monitors.
6)The GoTo Apps high CPU/GPU utilization is causing the system to crash several times.
7)In the middle of a meeting which is being recorded, my system crashed. after restarting the machine and rejoined the ongoing meeting the app identified me as a second user with the same name. when I had chosen to become presenter as a second user, GoTo app didn't allow me to record anything by showing that there is already recording going on, but it didn't record the new session information into WEBM file. I don't know what it might be recording during user exit and entry. so, in case of rejoining of an organizer/presenter the video record is not complete as the app is not allowing the recording after rejoining. This must be sorted out.
8)Meeting diagnostics information is almost blank. unlike earlier, it is showing only primary details.

9) Drawing app is missing and basic drawing is only available. And on my Huion 13 pro 2.5k tab as secondary monitor, the drawing is lagging and not working. To draw one line, I had to attempt 6 times. I can forget about drawing figures. This must be sorted out. 

GoTo Moderator

Re: The New GoTo App Shortcomings observed so far

@Gotomeetinguser thanks for your feedback! I'm happy to pass this along to the team. Breaking down your points: 

  • Where would you like to see the meeting starting and run time? It is listed under Meetings currently.
  • Screenshot 2023-01-31 114524.jpg







  • Thanks for your feedback on recording playback. I will pass this on to the team. 
  • There are several reports of crashing in your posts. Constant crashing and high CPU on both the classic and new GoTo app is not the typical experience. Often video or audio drivers may be the root cause, check your computer manufacturer's site for help on how to update drivers. Here is a tutorial available on YouTube that also may be of help. 
  • When using multiple monitors and flex layout with the desktop app, it defaults to your previous setup when starting a new meeting. You should see that view when starting a new meeting. 
  • Could you share more about what information you would like to see in meeting diagnostics? 
  • Drawing tools are available let us know if there what more you would like to see.  

Kate is a member of the GoTo Community Care Team.

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