2FA clarity + enforcement

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2FA clarity + enforcement

2FA clarity + enforcement

We really need this...

1. As admin, to see which users have turned on 2FA.

2. Also, a way to enforce 2FA on all user accounts.  So users are forced to use 2FA on their account.

GoTo Manager
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Hi @WebbAnderson, welcome to the community.


A potential solution for now: If your company already has SSO that includes MFA tired to your company domain, you can set up GoToConnect to use SSO.  Then your users can be required to sign in through that SSO and use its MFA.  


Active Contributor

It's completely irresponsible for GoTo to not allow enforcement of MFA in GoTo Connect. This should absolutely be a high priority addition. It shouldn't be left to community votes... the FTC would agree I am sure.