Add more granular permission levels

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Add more granular permission levels

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Add more granular permission levels

Is there a way to give a member permission to change the dial plan only but nothing else on the administration page?


I had a team member who used to be able to change the dial plan, but I found out they turned off the recordings on their line.

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Hi @lockdoctor, welcome to the community.


At this time you have to be at least an Admin to make changes to dial plans. Can you detail why this user needs access to change the dial plan, perhaps there is another solution available.


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Thanks for responding!
As I said in the post, the team member that had access to change the dial plan also had access to turn off their recordings (which they did do). We use the recordings for training, but also to check to make sure team members are putting in all the jobs that come in to GoTo. 
The way our system works, when a customer calls to set up a job we put in our POS system. If a particular customer pays cash, the team member doesn’t input the job in our system; and that’s basically stealing from the company. I found at least 4 different calls in which we did the job, but no invoice was created in our system. When I confronted the team member, they denied it. I told them I had recordings of the job and called the customer and the customer said they paid with cash. After that, the team member turned off the recordings to their line so that we were not able to hear the calls coming in and what the job was. 
I would not have a problem terminating this team member, but they are one of the owners of the company. Very frustrating!! I just want them to be able to change the person on call in our dial plan but nothing else on the administration page. 
Hope this makes sense. 
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Thank you for the additional details @lockdoctor, that is a difficult situation. For now I can only suggest limiting the role of Admin to just the users that actually need access to make changes to the dial plan

We have received similar requests for more granular permissions to be added, and will update the status of this Idea when there is news.


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I concur with this comment. We recently changed over to GoTo, and having more granular permission within roles would be ideal. In our situation, an admin made changes to our dial plan without consulting anyone, resulting in massive issues across our offices in three states. So we actually needed the opposite - only one Admin should have access to the dial plan at any given time. I was able to fix the issue that they caused, thankfully, but being able to limit permissions would be incredibly helpful in preventing situations like this in the future and prevent disruptions to my team's work day.

Thank you and Best Regards,