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Call recording access

Call recording access

The way it is now a person with access to play recorded calls can listen to everyone’s recordings, but it would be helpful if they could just listen to ones for certain departments or users.

I have a customer that is able to do this with their on-premise system and are about to lose this functionality.
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@Brad_H  Call recordings are available via Call Reports and via the new Interaction Details. The Interaction Details Tab showcases the complete call journey from start to finish, which includes call started, ringing/connecting to an agent, agent connection, hold placement, call resumption after hold, blind transfer, voicemail reached, and hang up. Each event is accompanied by a timestamp, duration, agent name, and extension


If this doesn't provide what you are looking for can you let us know a bit more about the feature request? 

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All of those details are great but I was asking for a feature modification in the future so that certain managers could only see specific call recordings for their team and not necessarily for everyone.  Now it’s set up so that if you have the permission to listen to recordings then you have full access to every single one that the “company” has.


For instance, I have a county that has a tax assessor and she might need to hear the recordings from her department but not have access to the ones made from the sheriff’s office or an inmate phone.  There’s no way to isolate which recordings the assessor can hear but that can create some legal and ethical issues.  That’s just one example but a regular business could be the same thing where one department manager doesn’t necessarily need to be able to listen to the owner’s calls but the owner should have permissions to listen to everything.

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@Brad_H thanks for the additional context. I've shared this with the team, it's currently being looked into. I'll update the Community once we learn more. 

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It would be extremely valuable to expand on the role/permissions of a user to only listen to their own messages or calls on specific Queues, Ring Groups, Extensions, etc.  We have multiple departments, as well as different levels of leadership that need to be able to access their own calls, along with calls that came into certain Queues.  However, we don't want them to have access to their bosses phone calls, nor to the HR complaint Queue.  Currently we have to have certain employees with access pull recordings as needed, but it is very tedious and not quick when helping customers.  This could also potentially work on a "per phone number" permission.  Similar to text messages.  The only issue I see there is if a call comes into the main queue for an owner or upper level manager.  If it was phone number based only, there would be no protection for the phone call that was transferred.  Hopefully this all makes sense, but definitely an important and needed feature.

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I agree, I need the ability to allow users to listen to certain calls, but not calls from the CEO, COO etc. There should be an option to allow them to listen to users added to a specific group or something like that. Example, I could add a Group Called Call Center Users and then in the group have a permission that you can add users to that allow them to see/hear their call recordings.