Customize Email to fax access codes

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Customize Email to fax access codes

Customize Email to fax access codes

Hello to All, 


I would like to add angle brackets ([]) to my fax access codes. As it stands, access codes are autogenerated and not customizable. 


  1. I can make it easier for my end users by prepending the access code to outbound emails on my email server. However, angle brackets are added.  Here is an example of what shows on the subject line of the prepended emails: 

    [123456789]  Fax Name
    This is automatically rejected due to the brackets.

  2. Another idea perhaps is to update the code to start with the length of the array to be 9, if index[0] of the dataset is not equal to (0-9) than use index[1]-[9]. Else use index[0]-[8].

  3. Another option would be to allow access codes to become optionable and allow us to create a list of users who would be able to send virtual fax.

Here is the thing, I am now giving end users an extra step using access codes to send virtual faxes via Goto.


Please let me know if this is feasible.

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