Export Dial Plans to Flow Chart

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Export Dial Plans to Flow Chart

Export Dial Plans to Flow Chart

It really would be great to have an "Export" option or something for Dial Plans that would create a diagram or flow chart that shows the call routing.

It would be really convenient to share with Management or users that aren't Super Users or Admins.

It's fine to just say "take a screenshot of the dial plan" but the issue is that the arrows / lines connecting each step in the dial plan are often hidden behind different boxes and you can't really tell exactly where things are coming or going, and if you have a very large or in-depth dial plan, you have to be zoomed out to even see the entire dial plan and then at that point you wouldn't be able to read the details of extensions / names, etc.

It sure would save a lot of time to not have to build the dial plan in your system and then also create the flow chart in Visio or something else.

Thank you.

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