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Head phones

Head phones

Hi There,


I have been using Go To Connect for several months  in order to work from home and loved not having a phone at my ear all day.    Last week I  had an issue with people  not being able to hear me and was not able to keep any of my appointments as IT tried  to figure it out. After hours of working on it, they read something about headphones or blue tooth required  to use the program which was strange as I have never used either. 

I  didn't see any notifications about  the change in advance. either.   I now have headphones but 

 liked not having to use them since I am doing different things  and it requires me to put them on, take them off, put them on take them off throughout the day.  Long story short, I would like to be able to choose whether to use headphones or not since everyones work day is different. Other than that I enjoy using the program immensely. 


GoTo Moderator
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Hi @sonriser, can you share the article that states you must use headphones? You should be able to choose your audio output as described in this article. 

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This does not meet the requirements for a Community Idea.