Inbound Caller ID

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Inbound Caller ID

Inbound Caller ID

If we create a contact, it would be nice for the inbound caller ID to match the contact's name when displaying who calls on the phone and in the app.  



Contact: John Doe

Cell Phone Number: 999-555-1212


When John Doe calls me, it would be nice for the caller id to display John Doe instead of Wireless Caller. 

GoTo Moderator
Status changed to: Investigating

Hi @jstrittmatter thanks for your idea, it has been shared with the team and is currently under review. 


As a new user who's just implemented GoTo Connect, I'd been told verbally that the caller-ID could show names from contacts instead/as-well-as the caller number. It seems this only applies for contact lookups on outgoing calls.
Our old communication system was poor in many ways - but it had this feature and we did not even assume it wouldn't be available in GoTo.

I have searched and scoured the support forums and found a few references to it being implemented - the most recent ETA I saw was for February 2024.
The ability to identify who is calling is a CRITICAL feature for our business.
So - has this feature become available yet? - and if so, what steps are needed to implement it?


** I thought the "modify caller ID node in the Dial Plan editor would do this - but it seems to only allow a static "tag" to be put into the call. Not very useful. The ability to look up a contact - or even make an external call that returns a name string would do the job.




OK - after some time with support it seems the feature is available. But the phone number format I was told to use did not match the way our local telco provided the number - so there could never be a contact match. In Australia I needed to remove any country code prefix from the numbers in the contact list - but needed to retain local area codes.