Naming group texts.

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Naming group texts.

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Naming group texts.

Naming group texts in Goto Connect is currently not a feature and needs to be implemented to help users who have multiple group texts stay organized. Naming group texts/chats is a standard feature for most messaging applications and I don't see why it cant/hasn't been implemented yet.


We have users in our company who will actively have 30+ active group chats with clients and having this feature will help improve user experience when using messaging. I was informed about the Goto Contact Center from a Goto Support rep but that would make our process more complicated then just being able to name a group chat. 


Please let me know if this can be implemented, thank you! 

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I agree, and it would be an excellent feature to utilize. 

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Status changed to: Reviewed by moderator

@diegoamc@Chris49 thanks for sharing your interest in this idea, it has been shared with our team. We will update the Community on further updates on this feature when we know more.