The ability to forward sent text messages

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The ability to forward sent text messages

The ability to forward sent text messages

We are requesting a feature update by GoTo developers to be able to forward texts sent for compliance purposes.

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Please provide some more details about you see this feature working and its use.

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Good morning.  Currently, we receive emails sent to our company inbox for all text messages received.  We keep these for compliance purposes.  We do not receive any email for text messages sent out from our associates to clients.  We would like to have this function for compliance reasons.  Below is a copy & paste of the message we receive when we receive a text:


noreply@sms.goto.comYou received a new text message from (client) - (phone number)Tue 4:26 PM78 KB

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I have a client that uses mobile almost exclusively. He wants to have his multiple business numbers fwd SMS to a single 'main' business number that he is using on his mobile. We have also had other clients request ability to forward SMS from a business line to their cell phones, in these cases the phone number is forwarded to an outside call center - and the client wants SMS notifications sent to them to follow up later with. (i.e. Call is immediate response, SMS is next day)

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Has this feature been enabled? We too would like all text messaging to be forwardable to email, both incoming and outgoing.  This would make compliance for any SEC related company much easier. 

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