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Zoho CRM Call Logs

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Zoho CRM Call Logs

Hello GoTo Community,


We have been integrated for quite some time now between Go To and Zoho CRM.  As we start to analyze our recruiting efforts, I've noticed that the outgoing call logs are being recorded as incoming calls.


When we select the phone or call icon inside Zoho CRM, the pop up window appears and our desk phone rings. We answer our desk phone and then the call is placed to the lead or person that we were attempting to call.  When this happens, the call activity type is labeled as "Incoming".


When we physically use our desk phones to dial out, everything is logged correctly.


Do you have any immediate plans to fix the call log type when utilizing the call icon inside Zoho CRM?


Both the Go To help person I spoke to on the phone and Zoho developers stated that this is a known issue on the Go To side of things which is why I came here.  The original Case Number for the ticket I opened was 20299433 which has just been closed since they couldn't help me out directly.  They pointed me to this community board and requested that I posted the issue here.


Thank you and I look forward to your response.