Poor file/directory transfer capability and UI even compared to GoToAssist

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Poor file/directory transfer capability and UI even compared to GoToAssist

Poor file/directory transfer capability and UI even compared to GoToAssist

We extensively use File / Directory Transfer and the files and Directories are different for the different calls.

1) The "Process" is overcomplicated, NOT intuitive, NOT user-friendly and NOT productive.
It is a life-important feature.
Somehow, in "GoToResolve" it changed from "inconvenient" to a "DISASTER".
- It is a productivity "Show Stopper".

2) The GoToResolve Directory Transfer "Process" is overcomplicated, NOT user-friendly and NOT productive.
To send a Directory you have to leave the remote Support Session enter password send a Directory(s) and then re-enter password to return to the Support Session plus waiting to continue session or extra clicks to bypass waiting.
- A clear productivity "Show Stopper";

3) Unfortunately the last used directories from the previous session with the Customer are not remembered.

Drilling down each time to the required location from "My Documents" both on the Customer and agent side takes lots of time. - COUNTERPRODUCTIVE!

4) Have you resolved an issue with the "Destination not writable" - when the file transfer will crash in the middle of transferring a few dozens of files?

5) For the inspiration could you kindly look at the Norton Commander, Volkov Commander, PC Anywhere, AnyDesk UI's...

It is a known issue since the GoToAssist times.

Asked the same question 5+ years ago on the GoToAssist Community.
The answer was that it is "not a priority".

Hope that the USABILITY and PRODUCTIVITY are now a PRIORITY.

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Had to copy everything to notepad and then back into the form, "Preview", "Post" .

GoTo Contributor

Dear @m3700,

Thanks for the valuable feedback! I appreciate your honest and detailed description.

We are working on a proper file manager solution. Currently "Norton Commander" style of file manager is available in case of unattended (predeployed devices) cases. Attended (pin-based session) will be the next one.

We'd like to ask for your patience, we are working to make it available as soon as possible



GoTo Contributor
Status changed to: Accepted
GoTo Contributor

Dear @m3700 ,


We have released a new option to transfer files during a session, which is the in-session file manager.

You can open this feature with the 


button on the toolbar (this feature has replaced the functionality of this button which was for single file send earlier - this is still available from the chat with the paperclip button).


With the file manager you can make the exact same type of file transitions available for the installed devices.


We are also working on the stability and reliability of the single file send option which will be released in the near future.


I hope you will like this feature.


All the best,


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Hello Szabi,

Glad to hear that!

What about the reverse operation - Downloading Files and Directories from the supported PC? 

GoTo Contributor

hi @m3700 
You can move the files/folders in both directions, just like in case of your example of Norton Commander/Total Commander. Give it a shot and let us know your feedback!


All the best,