Re-Arrange Categories

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Re-Arrange Categories

Re-Arrange Categories

The ability to re-arrange our categories by either drag and drop or even an up and down arrow would be a great addition. Currently, the only way to re-arrange the ticket categories is by renaming them (which then changes all the tickets that category is associated with) or deleting all of the ones below where you want to put the new one in the list.


It makes it very tedious to keep the categories in alphabetical order for ease of use for our end users.

GoTo Contributor

Hi jdlangwell,


We are planning on releasing an improved version of the Category field in the ticket editor which will be sorted alphabetically and will be searchable as well.



Active Contributor

Will it also be searchable on the end user's side and not just the agents? That is what we really want done.

Active Contributor

I would like this and also the ability to re-order the columns.